Senin, 14 Juni 2010

Do you agree that technology can make our lives easier ?? ?

Yes, I agree. Because with technology we can more easily live in this world. Technological developments have made it possible for us to live in ways never possible before. Inevitably, people are always living with technology. Millions of people whose lives have been helped by advances in technology. Not only are people living the cities, the people who inhabit the remote areas even now feel the progress of technology.

In the past we have only heard a distant place through radio events without being able to see the event, we can now immediately see eye to eye futurity far from where we are in a concomitant time and no difference in any time through televisi.In the past if we want to know news of relatives far we have to wear the letter and now enough with SMS, in that instant we already know her. In the past if we want to write a good must wear a traditional typewriter difficult if one removed, there is now a computer that is able to complete the various programs quickly with outstanding results and with a needle in a simple process. And many more discoveries of modern technology both of electronic equipment as well as advanced machinery technology lainnya.With results we can enjoy this, should make us more grateful for life are easy and quick. No doubt that technology is an important part of our everyday lives and make our lives better, efficient, and easy.

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