Kamis, 01 April 2010

Japanese Hole

When a holiday increase in the class, me and my friends are planning a vacation to the existing tourist attractions in Bukittinggi (West Sumatra), namely Japan's Hole. We went from Pekanbaru city and our way of Pekanbaru city about six hours. and we went to Bukittinggi by riding motorcycles.
The trip so far and very tiring, because the road up and down the hill and turn - which turns sharply at the edges there is a very deep ravine. There is a bend of a very famous there, the community called "meanders nine." According to the news has a lot of casualties who fell there, and it made us very scared.
We arrived at Japan's Hole, fresh air and high winds as if to welcome us. Unspoiled natural atmosphere which makes us very happy and excited. Then we started toward the hole of Japan. We were surprised to see the steps to go down into the hole of Japan whose numbers in the hundreds. When inside, we walked down the hallways so amazing. In it there are like space-runag like like home. There are spaces such as space for dining, meeting space, room for weapons, space to gather to have fun, and still many other space. At the back we see a kitchen and a prison. I see on the right side there is a hole prison floor in vain and it was only a channel for the disposal of corpses.
Because it looks very scary, we also went on the road continues to the back alley. Bright light and wind we feel, and it turns out we've reached the end of the corridor. It's amazing really beautiful scenery, the abyss - the abyss is decorated with trees and wild animals that seemed to unite with us. The time passed quickly and we went to look for hotel.dan us a break

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