Rabu, 23 Juni 2010

beautiful memories with IEA07

First-half holiday yesterday we held a class 1ea07 Anyer beach vacation. The difference this holiday with this holiday vacation is held under the slogan “from our initial work until the end of the process and we also work team”. With the leadership and guidance of the class president of careful, intelligent and careful in observing existing problems teamlah finally working thanks to this event can be held smoothly.
The story is not up on the coast of Anyer because we all race each day with a surf beach of race. With the waves are so tempting and the cool wind that I and my friends could not dissolve in the atmosphere nature of view and be one with nature. Sun plans were not spared from all of us.
After noon we were all preoccupied with the coast. Sorena me and my friends do not forget to try the challenge BANANA BOAT yuk that was so intense inside the wading the surf. That night we were working in teams to prepare dinner with chicken and corn baker event. With teamwork. Food was quickly completed. In an event to this Anyer that can be learned is when a fire event is very closely together in friendship that could not be in the pay of any kind.

At the start of struggle after UTS the survey team conducted the survey places before making a trip to Anyer. With hard work we finally get a good spot and in accordance with the financial friends. Anyer beach vacation is a memorable experience because I was in demand to find a nice place with views of the natural and blend with nature.
Friendship and brotherhood not only us but also apply in Anyer when we arrived on campus. Many memories are left but not the friendship and brotherhood that we made

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