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1. The first recorded use of natural gas to light street lamps it was in the town of Frederick, New York, in
                       A                                     B                           C                         D
Answer : B (it was)
 The use of the pronoun subject it is unnecessary; it should be omitted.

2. The French Quarter is the most famous and the most old section of New Orleans.
                                       A              B                       C                             D
Answer : C (most old)
 The superlative form of a one-syllable adjective (old) is formed with the suffix -est: oldest.

3. Liquids take the shape of any container which in they are placed.
                              A           B                     C                        D
Answer : C (which)
 in The preposition must precede the relative pronoun: in which.

4. Many communities are dependent on
groundwater __________ from wells for
their water supply.
(A) that obtained
(B) obtained
(C) is obtained
(D) obtain it
Answer : B (obtained)
 The only correct way to complete this sentence is with a participle (obtained really means which is obtained).

5. Physical therapists help patients relearn how to use their bodies after disease or injure.
                                                           A              B                         C                       D
Answer : D (injure)
 A noun (injury), not a verb (injure), is required.

6. Not only ____________________ places of
beauty, but they also serve scientific and
educational purposes as well.
(A) are botanical gardens
(B) botanical gardens to be
(C) botanical gardens are
(D) to be botanical gardens
Answer : A (are botanical gardens)
 A main verb, such as are, is required to complete the clause (to be is not a main verb), and the subject and verb must be inverted because the clause begins with the negative phrase not only.

7. _________________ the best car to buy is a Mercedes Benz.
(A) Because of its durability and economy
(B) Because it lasts a long time, and it is very economical
(C) Because of its durability and it is economical
(D) Because durably and economy wise it is better than all the others.
Answer : (A) because of its durability and economy
Grammar : Adverbial clause of Reason

8. Those students do not like to read novels _______________ text books.
(A) In any case
(B) Forgetting about
(C) Leaving out the questions
(D) Much less
Answer : (D) much less
Grammar : clause of contrast

9. Before starting on a sea voyage, prudent navigators learn the sea charts, __, and memorize lighthouse locations to prepare themselves for any conditions they might encounter.
(A) Sailing directions are studied
(B) Study the sailing directions
(C) To direct sailing studies
(D) Studies direct sailing
Answer : (B) Study the sailing studies
Grammar : Gerund

10. In the south-western part of the United States, most of the watercomes
      A                                                                                       B
 the Colorado River and the manmade lakes created from it.
C                                                                      D                            
Answer : (C) comes of
Grammar : the correct answer is “comes from” because it’s explain prepositions of place positions

11. Bill Clinton, that won the 1992 presidential election, was
                                A                                           B                     C
governor of the state of Arkansas.
Answer : (A) that
Grammar : the correct answer is “who” because it’s explain adjective clause

12.  A number of the materials used in manufacturing paint are potential dangerous if mishandled.
            A                                                                          B        C                              D
Answer : C (potential)
 An adverb (potentially), not an adjective (potential), is needed.
14 To Mike ____ was a big surprise.
(A) really
(B) the party
(C) funny
(D) when
  • Dari kalimat diatas, harus dipahami bahwa Mike (noun) bukalah Subject tapi object of preposition dari To.
  • Subject dari kalimat diatas tidak ada, sedangkan Verbnya adalah was.
  • Karena yang dibutuhkan adalah Subject, maka jawaban terbaik adalah (B), the party. Sedangkan (A), (C), dan (D) salah karena mereka bukanlah Subject.

13. Newspapers _______ every morning and every evening.
(A) delivery
(B) are delivered
(C) on time
(D) regularly
  • Kalimat diatas memiliki Subject yaitu Newspapers, tapi tidak memiliki Verb.
  • Jawaban (A) delivery, (C) on time dan (D) regularly adalah salah karena mereka bukan subject. Jawaban (B) are delivered benar karena mereka adalah verb.

14. The film ____ appearing at the local theater is my favorite.
(A) now
(B) is
(C) it
(D) was
  • appearing bukanlah part of a verb tapi adjective.
  • Subject nya adalah film dan verbnya adalah is.
  • Jawaban (B), (C) atau (D) salah karena  kalimat diatas sudah memiliki verb.
  • Jawaban terbaik adalah (A) now.

15. The bread _____ baked this morning smelled delicious.
(A) has
(B) was
(C) it
(D) just
  • baked bukanlan part of a verb, tapi adjective. Verb dari kalimat diatas adalah smelled dan Subject nya adalah The bread.
  • Jawaban (A) dan (B) salah karena baked adjective dan tidak membutuhkan helping verb.
  • Jawaban (C) salah karena kalimat diatas sudah memiliki Subject.
  • Jawaban terbaik adalah just.

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